Helping every sports organisation to join the NFT ticketing revolution

Transforming tickets into tradable and digital collectibles

Allowing a total control and insights over the primary and secondary market with a completely new immersive experience for fans


Why Tickie?

Specially designed for sports events

From season membership to tickets evolving depending on the outcome of the match, all our services are optimized for sports

Our tickets
Fits any type of club, without exception

Our differents integration services are designed to fit any club, regardless of its size, needs or current solutions

Our services
Gives control of tickets back to clubs

Our uniques and tamper-proof tickets give back full control to the clubs, both visually and financially

The benefits

Give your fans an experience worthy of your club

Offer a complete and immersive experience to your audience well beyond your event, increasing their engagement and loyalty

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Dynamic tickets evolving following the result

These tickets can then be sold or proudly kept and displayed on the spectator profile, like your trophies


Identify and reward your most loyal fans

Presents at your best player's last game, your final win or every game of the season, use your creativity to reward and retain your fans!

Tailored and secure tickets

Simply customize your tickets to give fans a unique experience without security issues

Set up the visual and financial aspects

In 2D, 3D, static or animated: it's up to your creativity! Set the saleable aspect or not, the min/max resale price, the royalties...

Resistant to any form of fraud

No fraud, forgery, screenshot or illicit transfer will be possible thanks to the uniqueness and verifiable authenticity of NFTs

New revenue streams

Tap into the secondary market while benefiting from cheaper and faster distribution

Royalties on each resale

Earn a commission every time one of your tickets is resold, even after the event

High-value hidden tickets

Offer a premium and gamified experience by integrating golden and exclusive tickets in the mix, increasing their price

Complete and reliable and reliable

Visualize and analyze every transactions on every tickets thanks to the forgery-proof data of the blockchain

Determine the profile of your audience

Identify your captive audience, non-captive audience, loyal fans, last minute buyers, resellers, etc.

Optimize communication and marketing

Find out who really went to your event and communicate directly with directly with him/her through targeted push notifications

A gateway to the Web3 accessible to all

All the benefits of Ticket 3.0 presented in a completely transparent way to users

UI/UX design

Allow your customers to create an account, purchase tickets and access their digital wallet in a few clicks

No crypto? No problem!

Offer your customers to pay by debit/credit card or directly in cryptocurrency in a simple and secure way

Extend the life cycle of your tickets

Full control and visibility over all your tickets tickets, during all phases of the event and even beyond

Before the event

Our tickets are configured and created according to the chosen solution, no knowledge of blockchain is required

During the event

Earn royalties on every ticket resale. Get reliable, real-time data, even on the secondary market

After the event

Each ticket becomes a unique collectible item that can be kept or exchanged, even on other platforms. Reward your fans easily

Ready to evolve to a 3.0 ticketing system?