Our mission

Provide a customized 3.0 ticketing solution fitting your needs

Our goals

Democratize the use of the Web3

Despite their benefits, very few Web3 tools are currently available to the general public. That's why we have designed solutions that don't require any knowledge of Web3, both for clubs and for spectators!

Create a stronger connection between fans and clubs

This relationship is deteriorating by the day due to incidents, bad experiences and lack of recognition. To recreate a stronger bond, clubs must do more than just sell tickets. They need to develop an emotional connection with the fans, through a complete and immersive experience, beyond the event

Putting an end to recurring ticketing issues

Organizational chaos, disgruntled fans and security incidents, these increasingly problems reveal the limitations of current ticketing systems. New technologies such as Web3 and NFT are there to remedy this, let's take advantage of it!

Big impact for you, small impact for the environment

We are aware that even if we eliminate all the pollution associated with the printing and distribution of tickets, the creation of NFT tickets also represents an environmental cost.

Thats why we chose Polygon, a blockchain with fast transaction speeds and low costs while being carbon neutral with the goal of becoming carbon negative this year.

This choice is in line with our desire to develop the ticketing and Web3 sector in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our team

The team is now composed of complementary French talents who have already built in the world of Web2 and Web3, both in large multinational companies and in entrepreneurship.

Our ambitions push us to expand this team day by day.

Alexandre Maiolini

Alexandre Maiolini

Cofondateur, CEO

Nidhal Sabbah

Nidhal Sabbah

Cofondateur, CTO

Inès Belleret

Inès Belleret

Chargée de marketing



Blockchain développeur



Backend développeur

Our values

These are the principles that form the backbone of our corporate culture, our management and our recruitment

Supporters and fans first

Giving back control of tickets to the organizers means giving back confidence to the fans

Democratize access to the Web3

Simple and immersive tools, accessible to all, even without knowledge of the Web3

Sports events accessible to all

A fairer and more secure ticketing system that is no longer dominated by resellers

Transforming the customer experience

Create a stronger connection between clubs and fans, beyond the game and the ticket

Ready to be part of the future of ticketing and fan engagement?