Notre mission

Fitting all types of clubs, regardless of their size and needs

In order to expand your success and offer new opportunities to connect with your fans

Our different solutions

Designed to collaborate with any sport organization by covering the different integration needs


An NFT layer on top of your existing ticketing solutions

To take advantage of the benefits of Ticketing 3.0 without significant integration efforts or risks to your current solutions

No integration efforts

Once the ticket is purchased through your solutions, the spectator will be contacted automatically to receive and interact with their ticket

Keep your existing solutions

Connected in real time to the France Billet and Ticketnet networks and seamlessly integratable with any ticketing service

All the benefits of 3.0 tickets

Dynamic and 3D tickets, anti-fraud, controlled resales, royalties, membership management and automated rewards delivery


To join the Web3 revolution smoothly

A complete solution to move from an archaic ticketing system to a revolutionary ticketing system

An all-in-one solution

Create and set up your tickets easily, follow the progress of your sales and all transactions concerning your tickets in real time

A white-label Web ticketing service

Can be integrated directly into your solutions and adapted to your graphic charter, 3D secure payment system in FIAT or crypto

No Web3 knowledge required

A blockchain and NFT integration into the ticketing process in a way that is completely transparent to you and your customers


Dive into a 100% decentralized, 100% web3 world

A decentralized marketplace

Create and issue tickets directly on the blockchain to benefit from a decentralized primary and secondary market

A 100% Web3 experience, accessible to all

Discover the Web3 universe smoothly thanks to our simple and comprehensive user experience for everyone

No crypto? No problem

Our FIAT on/off-ramps make it easy to buy and resell tickets with only a credit card


Our clients

No matter your size, your issues or your current sales channels sales channels, find the right tickets for you!

Organizers of large sporting events

Multi-channel selling, fraud issues, secondary sale, strong brand image, improve user experience

Organizers of small sporting events

Mono-channel selling, lower costs, more personalization, more engaged and loyal customers

Independents, eSports competitions

An immersive and futuristic experience for the participants, more personalization, more visibility for the event

Ready to be part of the future of ticketing and fan engagement?