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Chiliz & Tickie: Revolutionizing the sports experience through innovative collaboration

January 21, 2023

Chiliz, a technological force specialized in web3, and Tickie, a digital ticketing start-up, join forces to revolutionize the sports fan experience. This partnership aims to create innovative projects by leveraging their respective strengths, thus offering fans an interactive immersion.

1️⃣ Tickie's goal: Redefining digital ticketing

With Chilliz's blockchain expertise and Tickie's innovative digital ticketing concept, this collaboration will push the boundaries of fan engagement. Tickie positions itself as a comprehensive digital ticketing solution, exploiting the possibilities offered by NFTs and Web3 technology. Tickie's concept is based on creating unique tickets as digital collectible items, offering fans an immersive experience through gamification features, rewards, and exclusive collections. Tickie aims to place the ticket at the heart of the fan experience and immerse them in a new era of digital ticketing.

2️⃣ The Chilliz x Tickie partnership: A synergy of expertise

Chilliz, with its experience in the blockchain field and partnerships with renowned clubs such as PSG, AC Milan, and FC Barcelona, partners with Tickie to support the development of this promising young start-up. This partnership allows Tickie to benefit from Chilliz's technological expertise in the web3, blockchain, and tokens domain. In return, Tickie will use Chilliz's technology and blockchain to develop its digital ticketing projects and offer an even more immersive fan experience.

3️⃣ A common interest: Innovate in sports and bring fans closer!
The partnership between Chilliz and Tickie is guided by a common interest: to innovate in the field of sports and bring fans closer to their favorite teams. Thanks to the collaboration with Chilliz, Tickie benefits from privileged access to Chilliz's major partner clubs, as well as its application, thus offering them opportunities for collaboration and direct engagement with the fans of these major clubs. The goal is to create unique experiences, develop innovative features, and place fans at the center of the action. Chilliz actively supports Tickie's development by providing financial support for the start-up's growth. This support allows Tickie to strengthen its resources and capabilities, giving it the means to realize its ideas and position itself as a benchmark in the NFT ticketing field.


Final words

The collaboration between Chilliz and Tickie opens up new perspectives for the sports fan experience. By combining Chilliz's technological expertise and Tickie's innovative concept in NFT ticketing, this collaboration aims to extend fan engagement, create innovative projects, and bring fans closer to their favorite clubs. With Chilliz bringing its web3 expertise and Tickie offering a bold vision of ticketing, this collaboration promises to transform the global sports experience.