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Why should I use 3.0 tickets  
for my sporting events?

These tickets solve most of the problems that this sector has faced for decades

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100% secure and artistic tickets

Fully customizable and resistant to all forms of fraud

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Complete and reliable data

During the entire life cycle of the tickets, even after the event

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Control the primary and secondary market

Manage every aspect of the ticket and leverage the secondary market

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New revenue streams

Optimize distribution costs, earn royalties

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Create a stronger connection with fans

Create more than a ticket, identify and reward your fans

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A gateway to Web3 accessible to all

An immersive and transparent user experience

Tailored and secure tickets

Simply customize your tickets to give fans a unique experience without security issues


Set up the visual and financial aspects

In 2D, 3D, static or animated: it's up to your creativity! Set the saleable aspect or not, the min/max resale price, the royalties...


Resistant to any form of fraud

No fraud, forgery, screenshot or illicit transfer will be possible thanks to the uniqueness and verifiable authenticity of NFTs

New revenue streams

Tap into the secondary market while benefiting from cheaper and faster distribution


Royalties on each resale

Earn a commission every time one of your tickets is resold, even after the event


High-value hidden tickets

Offer a premium and gamified experience by integrating golden and exclusive tickets in the mix, increasing their price

Complete and reliable and reliable

Visualize and analyze every transactions on every tickets thanks to the forgery-proof data of the blockchain


Determine the profile of your audience

Identify your captive audience, non-captive audience, loyal fans, last minute buyers, resellers, etc.


Optimize communication and marketing

Find out who really went to your event and communicate directly with directly with him/her through targeted push notifications

With Tickie

Each ticket is now a real digital collectible

Create unique experiences, while leveraging new financial and marketing opportunities to maximize revenue


Harness the power of an innovative ticketing system

Manage your events and sales with ease and simplify your day-to-day operations with AI


Add value through your tickets

Each ticket becomes a gateway to infinite experiences for your fans, providing you with a perpetual source of revenue


White-label solutions, openned to the world

For a much more immersive experience, we offer custom integration options in total white-label. Our flexible solutions also allow you to effortlessly connect to your core tools

Flexible and accessible solutions for all organizers.

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Looking for a modern ticketing solution?

Harness the full potential of a next-generation ticketing system with our comprehensive solution.

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Already committed to another ticketing solution?

Enhance your fan experience and retain your audience without any integration risks with your current solutions.

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Each client is a true partner for us, playing a key role in the continuous improvement of our solutions to assist them to the fullest in achieving their goals.


”Tickie has helped us increase the perceived value of our club in the eyes of supporters and partners while aligning with the innovative DNA of our club.”


Benoit Trey

President, Blagnac Rugby


”Almost 5 years ago we announced the first club to join Today, we are happy to announce the first deployer that has been approved by the validators to build on the Chiliz Chain! Welcome Tickie to the Chiliz ecosystem!”



Web3 infrastructure for sports


”Tickie is in the Future of Sport Top 12. This game-changing startup is really positively transforming sport and bring value to this industry.”


Viva Technology

Biggest startup & tech exhibition

"We make ticketing easy, fun, as well as powerful for organizers as well as fans"
Alexandre Maiolini, Cofondateur & CEO

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